Custom Products

Don't see what you want? You can always order a Custom Product.



We love custom designing our products especially for our customers!

We can use your ties to make any of our products – and we’re happy to talk with you about designing a different product just for you. Using Grandfather’s ties to make gifts for all the family members is a great way to remember someone who has passed on or can be a great way to use up some of the funny and outrageous ties that many people seem to collect over the years, creating a lasting memory for friends and family.

We also have a stash of specialty ties if you want to give a gift to someone with a particular passion or hobby (think golf and other sports, animals, beach, cartoon characters, flowers, food etc).

The following list give you an idea how many ties we need for each product – but remember that we can supplement ties from our own inventory if you do not have enough to make the number of bags you want to order.

Slouch - 4 ties
Mini bags - 3 ties
Rosette - 3 ties
Ruffle - 8 ties
Pillows - 4 ties
Belts - 2 ties
Hats - 3 ties

Canvas Bags for families , companies and organizations

We have provided specialized and personalized canvas tote bags for many groups. We use the ties for handles and accents and do a professional quality heat transfer of a logo or name. These make fantastic gifts for employees, clients or family reunions. We can sell these – including the logo (name, etc.) for $13.00 / bag. If you’re interested, contact

We do not charge extra for a custom order, but neither do we give a discount for using your own ties. You can send ties to: Ties That Matter , P.O. Box 11914, Atlanta, GA 30355. Be sure to include your contact information and which products you want – and how many. We look forward to making a keepsake just for you. Questions? Contact

Don't see what you want? You can always order any type of product that you can imagine.