Donate Ties

All neckties incorporated into Ties That Matter products have been generously donated by individuals and organizations. If you are an individual interested in donating ties, please mail them directly to:
Ties That Matter
PO Box 11914
Atlanta, GA 30355
Or contact us using our e-mail contact form.

If you represent an organization interested in sponsoring a “Toss Your Tie” collection event, please contact us via our e-mail contact form. We can supply posters and other promotional materials.

Thank you to the following groups that have hosted successful “Toss Your Tie” collections:

  • Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP
  • Warren T. Jackson Elementary
  • Central Presbyterian Church
  • Christ the King Church
  • St. James Methodist Church
  • Bovis, Kyle and Burch, LLC
  • Alston & Bird, LLP