Mission: People Tied Together

Ties That Matter is dedicated to the idea of people helping one another.

We facilitate this in a variety of ways:

  • We provide paying jobs for unemployed people who have skills to share.
    Guests from the Outreach and Advocacy Center in downtown Atlanta have become valued members of our team. We depend on their creativity and sewing skills to design and sew the most beautiful bags imaginable. The OAC provides services for the homeless and near homeless and advocates in their behalf.
  • The International Refugee Center helps refugees from all over the world find a home in Atlanta.
    Some of the women who sew for us worked as seamstresses in their original countries and are delighted to find that their skills transcend cultural and language differences.
  • The Atlanta chapter of the American Sewing Guild provided almost 200 volunteer hours to TTM last year.
    Members sewed reusable grocery bags that were sold to raise funds for the AOC. The American Sewing Guild also helps refugees learn to sew through the Refugee Sewing Guild.